Request a Rental or Schedule a Practice

If you want to request to reserve space at Bountiful High School for a rental, athletic practice, or other reason using our Field House, Weight Room, Field House Balcony, Small Gym, Outdoor Track, or Athletic Playing Field….. please send and email to the BHS Athletic Director at

This is for requests only and it is not guaranteed.  All Requests will be prioritized as per administrative policy. The approved supervisor must remain with the group the entire time and must ensure lockup duties to the area.  Once the rental is scheduled, a verification email will be sent as the event is scheduled.

Keep in mind this Priority of Thought

  • School Events 1st Priority…Everything else 2nd Priority!
  • Playoffs Trump Games…
  • Games Trump In Season Practices…
  • In Season Practices Trump Off Season Practices or Scrimmages…
  • Off Season Practices or Scrimmages Trumps Maintenance…
  • Maintenance fills in when it can!


  • First Name__Last Name
  • Cell #
  • Email Address
  • Location Requested (Field House, Small Gym, Field…etc.)
  • Date Requested (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Reason for Request