Multiple Teams · Winter Sports Home Game Spectator Policy

Until Further Notice, the following protocols for home Boys & Girls Basketball games 

  1. Masks MUST be worn entire time by all persons when entering a Bountiful HS Facility.
  2. Social Distancing of 6 feet or more MUST be observed to the best of everybody’s ability at all times when inside a Bountiful HS Facility.
  3. All Spectators are required to only sit on “Yellow Warning Tape” in Designated Bleacher Sections only.
    1. HIGH TRANSMISSION PHASE = 4 spectators per rostered player
    2. MODERATE COVID-19 TRANSMISSION PHASE = Up to 25% of facility capacity
    3. LOW COVID-10 TRANSMISSION PHASE = no restrictions
    4. At Games/Matches Hosted by Bountiful High School only the following will be allowed to watch the games live in-person:
      1. Only the Following will be admitted “Free of Charge
        1. School Admin, Game Workers, and UHSAA Pass Holders +1
        2. Up to 24 Bountiful HS Student Body Officers in Sweaters via Approved List
        3. Up to 8 Bountiful HS Cheerleaders in Uniform via Approved List
        4. The fore mentioned individuals use this link for contact tracing – Click Here
      2. Only the Following will be “allowed to purchase a ticket” to be admitted
        1. Up to 4 persons for each home rostered student-athlete or home cheerleader using a a specific pass-code. (Delivered by Host School’s AD 24 hours in advance.)
        2. Up to 4 persons for each visiting rostered student-athlete using a specific pass-code (Delivered to School’s AD 24 hours in advance)
        3. Click Here for Tickets / Contact Tracing will be included in the purchase of tickets.
        4. A purchased ticket is required for admittance to the Main Gym.
        5. All tickets purchased are good for all games on 1 day (Soph, JV, and Varsity)
        6. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to first game.  Tickets are required to enter facility for all games.
        7. Tickets are $5 each + $1 convenience fee per order and cc fees (these are charged by our ticket vendor).
        8. All Ticket proceeds go directly to covering game costs.
        9. A QR code received from ticket purchase (delivered to a device via email or printed in hard copy form) must be shown to ticket taker to gain access to facility – NO EXCEPTIONS.
      3. No other spectators will be allowed to watch the game live in person (other than mentioned above).
    5. All HOME GAMES will be Live-Streamed – Click Here