Braves News · Braves Master Academic Olympiad

Our Bountiful Brave Academic Olympiad team did very well today at USU.

The team consists of the following members.

Graeme Clayton
Michael Robison
Muskan Walia
Andrew Hyde
Olivia Harrison
Luke Kempe
Carson He
Sophia Leavitt
Samantha Adamson

There were 25 schools competing with 9 member teams.  Each student tests in the four core areas.  Then after lunch, they compete in a really fun and fast trivia type competition called “Battle for Olympus.”

Our results:

Individual Wins:
– Graeme Clayton: 2nd in Math, 1st Overall
– Carson He: 1st in Science
– Michael Robison: 2nd Overall

Team Wins:
– Math 1st
– Social Studies 2nd
– Science 1st
– Overall 1st
-Battle for Olympus 1st

Incredible!  Congratulate Dani Koenen and these team members when you see them next.  Also, a big shout out to All our teachers for your involvement in preparing these students with such rigor in your course work.

It’s a great day to “B” a Brave.