Junior Varsity Football, Sophomore Football · Viewmont Blasted by Bountiful JV/Soph Combined Squad

Bountiful JV/Sophs vs the Viewmont Vikings on Thursday October 3.


     Halfway through the first quarter, Bountiful Sophomores scored the first points of the game with a touchdown. This touchdown was followed, sadly, by an incomplete pass. This was evened out, however, when immediately afterwards, Viewmont had an incomplete pass. With only 44 seconds left in the first quarter, Viewmont with possession, Bountiful made an amazing tackle, preventing The Vikings from gaining any ground. Directly after, with less than one second left on the clock, the Braves struck again, making another amazing tackle. The first half of the second quarter had fans on the edges of their seats. The players passed possession back and forth like a hot potato until number 4 made an amazing run, taking the team mere yards from the touchdown line. After a few intense plays, number 43, Anici Purcell, scored the second touchdown of the game. A few minutes after this touchdown, number two, Porter “Trent” Hadley, made a phenomenal run. Bountiful is on a roll. In the second quarter, they scored another touchdown and number two intercepted a pass. The score at halftime was: Braves – 18 Viewmont – 0. In the third quarter, there were two amazing runs right in the beginning by numbers one and four. These runs lead to another touchdown for B-town. The game followed with multiple tackles, runs, interceptions etc. In the end, the Braves emerged victorious.


Final Score



MVP players

#2 – Porter “Trent” Hadley
#4 – Julien Lopez
#43 – Anici Purcell